Sport Leather Belts

Movement with purpose. With Carbon Fibre and Alcantara, create a unique style.

Yellow Alcantara Sports Leather Belt with Carbon Fibre Buckle shown with a black rock background

Sport Belt Collection

Design your own sport belt.
A Voyage of Inspiration, millions of combinations to design your ultimate article.

About Sports Belts

Graphic depicting Leather Belt Skins and Leathers

Premium Skins & Leathers

We only source the Finest Fairtrade Skins and Leathers for our casual leather belts from Prestige Tanneries in England & Italy.

Graphic depicting belt buckles

Solid Metal Belt Buckles & Precious Gems

All Belt Buckles are Handcrafted using Certified Gems and Fairtrade Metals.

icon of Big Ben, showing FC Leather Belts are made in England

All Belts are made in England

FC Leathers started in England in 1959 & will remain so.

Lest we forget

Honoured to Donate proceeds from every belt sale to Support Our Heroes

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