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Leather Belt Sizing

When choosing the size of your leather belt there are many methods and ways to do so. Here at FC Leather, we aim to make it the most dynamic and user friendly way to ensure an accurate size.

When making your bespoke belt, simply measure your waist/hips in inches, then select that as the correct size. Please do not be guided by jean, trouser or skirt size.  If you prefer, watch the sizing video below to learn how to best take your measurements.

A common mistake in wearing belts is that the belt’s tail is either too long (showing a large loose hanging tail) or too short (barely being able to put the belt’s tail through the first loop of the garment. We calculate everything to fit perfectly within the five whole system, which means when the belt is sized correctly, you can wear the pin of the buckle through the middle hole. This gives you two inches of room either way allowing for winter and summer outfits and the belt’s tail size is automatically in the right proportion.

If for any reason the sizes available are not suitable then please contact us. Also, for any samples of materials you require, we will arrange these to be sent to you.

We also offer a personal FC summit home tailoring service by appointment only, so please contact us for more information.

Graphic depicting Leather Belt Skins and Leathers

Premium Skins & Leathers

We only source the Finest Fairtrade Skins and Leathers for our casual leather belts from Prestige Tanneries in England & Italy.

Graphic depicting belt buckles

Solid Metal Belt Buckles & Precious Gems

All Belt Buckles are Handcrafted using Certified Gems and Fairtrade Metals.

icon of Big Ben, showing FC Leather Belts are made in England

All Belts are made in England

FC Leathers started in England in 1959 & will remain so.

Lest we forget

Honoured to Donate proceeds from every belt sale to Support Our Heroes

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