Our Heritage

A Family History in Leathercraft

First Generation

Since 1884 the Art of Leathercraft and Repairs was founded on the sunny shores of Cyprus. It all started from the Forefather Costa Lefteris, who created and produced outstanding handmade leather goods and shoes of the finest quality. The bespoke journey truly started from here. Costa, standing over 7 foot tall and having size 16 feet, was ready to create a product to truly match his presence. Realising he couldn't find any shoes that could fit, he set out to make quality handmade shoes. From this he understood the need for bespoke and custom items and the value and comfort they truly provide. His drive and ambition was now in place to create a lasting legacy and a dream that had become a reality. 

Second Generation

After family members served in World War One (1914-1918) & World War Two (1939-1945),  England became the home and heart for the Leathercraft journey to continue forward. Alexandros was now at the helm and opened the first shoemakers and repairers in central London in 1959. Carrying on the family tradition of handmade shoes and repairs, he created his own brand of the timeless Brogue style. One of his master attributes was the restoration of the leather upper. He carefully applied his skill and knowledge to craft and administer traditional techniques, to restore it back into a timeless classic style.

Third Generation

In 1982 Photis, carrying on the tradition, opened the second shoemakers in East Grinstead. In what is now one of the oldest row of Tudor houses in England, dating back to the 1400s, it is protected by the English Heritage Trust. Before the opening of the store, the heritage of this building took many months to restore it back to it's original beauty and glory. This can be still viewed to this very day.  Photis continued to master the fine art of shoemaking at Leathercraft.  His added skills in orthopaedic services, both for the NHS and the private market, again meant realising the need for bespoke and custom items. He began to apply this by looking at areas to improve the health and quality of life, as well as customised items.  It is within this profession Photis gained great insight and satisfaction by working with trauma patients, War Veterans and people with disabilities, requiring orthopaedic constructions.

Austen, 4th Generation Leather Craftsman and Current Owner of FC Leather Belts

Fourth Generation

Son of Photis, Austen, continued in the family tradition of Leathercraft, applying and refining years of family techniques. Learning to adapt to today's ever changing environment, he combines these skills with cutting edge technology. This offers clients the unrivalled freedom to truly bespoke to their individual needs and circumstances. With such fine tailored and bespoke services available, Austen realised that services for handmade and bespoke belts and keychains needed to be improved. Being inspired with establishments such as Philip Patik, Rolls-Royce, Sunseeker and Jacob&Co to name a few, he wanted to combine the finest materials & components, to create truly outstanding and world class bespoke items at your fingertips.

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