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Leather Belt Materials

By embracing the FC Leather’s motto of ‘where true passion and Craftsmanship meets the finest of materials‘, to achieve truly outstanding bespoke belts we firstly require the correct components and leather belt materials. At FC Leather we go above and beyond by sourcing the absolute finest, as we believe this is the only way to achieve the prestige, high quality belts both we and our customers can be proud of.

Exotic Skins & Leathers

When dealing with any exotic skins and leathers we pride ourselves on personally visiting every establishment that we source materials from. We maintain and monitor a stress free environment along with safe conditions for the animals that are farmed. All of our sources are from food production farms, which require a certificate to be produced for each and every skin used.  

When sourcing the finest leather, FC Leather only works with the most established and prestigious tanneries in the world. They largely consist of English and Italian tanneries and we directly work and import from the likes of:

  • Badalassi
  • Carlo
  • Conceria Montebello
  • Charles F Stead & Co
  • J&FJ Barker & Co Freudenberg
  • Horween
  • Klein Karoo
  • Stefania
  • Tannerie D’Annonay
  • Tempesti
  • Walpier
  • Wickett & Craig
  • Zonta

Considering the nature of leather this is something that becomes a world of its own. Moving through the different types and cuts ranging from Vegetable Tanned, Napa, Soft Grain, Full Shoulder, Bark Treated, Oak Treated Pit, Bridal, and Chromium/Chrome Leather, you get a flavour of how diverse it can be.

With such a wide selection of leather available, we reassure you that we work with only the finest quality when constructing our belts. This is not just our opinion as we consult with all our tanneries and also include professional industries with decades of experience, when considering the appropriate type of leather to use for our clients.

Carbon Fibre 

FC Leather prides itself on working with some of the best companies in Industry. Where possible we always strive to work with English manufacturers and designers, one of which we are proud to being associated with is Rockwood Composites. A truly pedigree company excelling and specialising in Aerospace, defence and nuclear industries. Rockwood brings to life the entire carbon fibre range of buckles designed by FC Leather. They are manufactured by Rockwood using one of the industry’s finest grades of carbon fibre, the same used in the Formula One industry. 

Alcantara S.p.A Italy 

Where it is not always possible to support the English structure but is an essential part of sourcing the finest and correct materials, FC Leather is honoured to work directly with Alcantara S.p.A Italy. They source the finest Alcantara from the automotive and fashion section, giving us ultimate freedom and the ability to match some of the best supercars, Hyper cars and luxury creations in the world. 

Precious Materials & Components

When dealing with any precious stone or gems where appropriate, a certified certificate of cut and clarity is produced to ensure quality control and fair trade. All precious items are handmade with appropriate Hallmarks & Makers marks, to distinguish the exceptional quality and type of materials that they produce.

Whether it’s solid Brass, Nickel, Rose Gold, White Gold, Platinum or any of our materials, all of our buckles are handmade using the finest techniques. We work with some of the oldest foundries in England and Italy, to produce some of the highest class belt buckles in the world. 

Utilising state-of-the-art Mastercraft jewellery makers, our precious buckles are handmade with the required stones or gems and finished down to Micron Perfection. This truly is perfection guaranteed.

Graphic depicting Leather Belt Skins and Leathers

Premium Skins & Leathers

We only source the Finest Fairtrade Skins and Leathers for our casual leather belts from Prestige Tanneries in England & Italy.

Graphic depicting belt buckles

Solid Metal Belt Buckles & Precious Gems

All Belt Buckles are Handcrafted using Certified Gems and Fairtrade Metals.

icon of Big Ben, showing FC Leather Belts are made in England

All Belts are made in England

FC Leathers started in England in 1959 & will remain so.

Lest we forget

Honoured to Donate proceeds from every belt sale to Support Our Heroes

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