Our guarantee to you

Here at FC leather clients are at the heart of our Ethos and beliefs. We strive to provide a guarantee that not only cares for individuals, but brings support and experience to life. It’s a journey that we both take together.

Each and every client is individually assessed when requiring support. In the unlikely event that either a repair is required, not performing as intended, or help is needed, we work directly with each client with any problems that arise.

When assessing each individual case, we have the right to apply our professional discretion. Items can not be abused, damaged or treated inappropriately and then expect the company to rectify or replace such items. 

As expert craftsman, we examine and investigate any problem with any of our items, whilst always looking to support our clients. Please bear in mind that with years of experience in making, crafting and designing each component, we have an extensive understanding to notice when an item is not performing correctly and when it has been abused and mistreated. 

Premium Skins & Leathers

We only source the Finest Fairtrade Skins and Leathers from Prestige Tanneries in England & Italy.

Solid Buckles, Precious Gems & Metals

All Buckles are Handcrafted using Certified Gems and Fairtrade Metals.

Made in England

Has been this way since 1959 & will remain so.

Lest we forget

Honoured to Support Our Heroes

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