FC Summit

Custom Belts

The Summit of Custom Belts

FC Summit is the very best unique, personalised and tailored service for custom belts, where we bring the ultimate bespoke experience directly to you, in any required destination throughout the World. 

All belt leathers, materials, samples, swatches and articles are displayed to give you the ability to be fully immersed inside the workshop. You can select any materials and components before making your final decision. 

When trying to match existing items, the FC Leather summit experience is the ultimate way to achieve this. We will personally measure and tailor your items to your specification, take you through the journey of creating your custom belt.

Such a unique, personal service enables us to work directly with yourself, to create your very personalised and custom bespoke belt. We can:

  • Discuss and have artist drawings of components
  • Produce styles at the visits when required
  • Provide ultimate freedom to create any item desired, working with any material

This service can also be structured to cater for more than one client at the same visit.

Please contact us for more information on the FC Summit service: sales@fcleather.co.uk

Graphic depicting Leather Belt Skins and Leathers

Premium Skins & Leathers

We only source the Finest Fairtrade Skins and Leathers for our leather belts from Prestige Tanneries in England & Italy.

Graphic depicting belt buckles

Solid Metal Belt Buckles & Precious Gems

All Belt Buckles are Handcrafted using Certified Gems and Fairtrade Metals.

icon of Big Ben, showing FC Leather Belts are made in England

All Belts are made in England

FC Leathers started in England in 1959 & will remain so.

Lest we forget

Honoured to Donate proceeds from every belt sale to Support Our Heroes

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