Corona Virus FAQ

In these very challenging times FC Leather’s primary concern is the health of our staff and most importantly our clients. We are committed to following the latest guidelines and advice ranging from the public health England, to the government guidelines taking into consideration all measures necessary. Please find below our most recently asked questions at this time and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further queries. 

Are we continuing to ship orders?
All orders are being continued on a normal basis allowing for the 14 day period for all handmade items. Our workshop has strict standards and new protocols in place, to ensure hygiene standards are met with sanitation stations, PPE equipment and social distancing measures between staff. 

Furthermore, when items are complete, all packaging are cleaned and sanitised. They are left to rest for 72 hours before entering shipping and shrink wrapped for protection.

Are shipping times affected? 
Currently we have no delays to our shipping process. All orders are complete and dispatched within the 14 days standard working time. 

Is the store open? 
All clients are welcome to visit the East Grinstead store where full safety measures are in place for social distancing. Appointments can be made separately however, we are on a reduced opening time basis, so please contact us for up-to-date opening hours. 

Guarantee procedure?
For any such items being sent back to us we have a strict procedure on sanitising all items. These can then be assessed for the appropriate repair or replacement when needed. The goods are then processed through the standard shipping with the new protocol applied. 

Is the FC Summit service still available? 
Absolutely! We have taken all the precautions necessary when arriving to any given facility. We have the appropriate PPE and sanitisation available; all samples materials have been pre-sanitised for the clients viewing and any member of staff attending an FC Summit has been tested for COVID-19. 

What is FC Leather doing to help? 
FC Leather has chosen to support NHS charities together by donating 10% of all sales during 2021. NHS charities together has more than 240 charities across the UK that support hospital wards, hospice, care centres, mental health trust, community trust and ambulance trusts. £457 million has been raised so far this year and we are proud to contribute to this wonderful service.  

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